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Thanks to new advances in technology, many individuals are using services to test their DNA. Some of the simple and inexpensive saliva test today can measure up to 602,000 pieces of your DNA.


This is an important development because everyone has some level of genetic variation in their DNA, even though it was once thought to be a rare occurrence. Variants in DNA can impact your ability to make and use different nutrients critical for reducing inflammation, healthy circulation, promoting a strong immunity, supporting emotional health, proper removal of the dangerous toxins we are exposed to as well as slowing the aging process.


If you’ve been searching for information on DNA and the snps (pronounced “snips”, which are single nucleotide polymorphisms), this educational website may help you better understand and get to know your DNA as it relates to nutrition, detoxification and anti-oxidant protection.

What is DNA?

How to use this site.

Our research team is developing this comprehensive compilation of resources for you to better understand how genetic variants may impact your nutritional status. This website does not cover genetic defects related to disease, but only genetic variants that impact your nutritional status. Examples would include the genes that make folate, support the use of B12, break down histamine, support cellular energy production, etc.


From an introductory video available now to upcoming videos on specific genetic variants and articles, we’ll help you traverse and harness your DNA for optimal health.


The best place to start is to watch the short or expanded introductory videos found on his page. Here, you will be exposed to basic DNA information, snps (or variants), and an introduction to the Methylation Cycle. There are pages for many of the common genetic variants, which go into detail about them, and link to relevant articles and research that may be helpful.


There also are pages (coming soon) on the major anti-oxidants like Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase and the rest of “the good guys,” and the damaging oxidants Peroxynitrite, SuperOxide, other molecules that may be harmful like Homocysteine, Ammonia, Glutamate and Histamine, and other “bad guys.”


Since this is an emerging field, many people are confused as to how to best approach the nutritional genetic information they now have.


To find a health professional that has been trained in using nutrition to support DNA variants, please see the Find a Health Care Professional portion of this site. They have custom software that can provide detailed reports on your DNA as it relates to nutritional status and ability to detox.

Nutritional DNA Introduction.


This website is designed to help individuals understand how DNA may impact their nutritional status. No information on this site should be used to determine disease, or be considered a treatment for disease. Viewing this information is for educational purposes only, and does not create a professional health consulting relationship, and by continuing to view this site, you agree that you will not hold the producers of this educational information liable for your health.

It is recommended that you consult with a health professional, knowledgeable in genetic nutrition, to support you in creating a nutritional protocol right for you.

Also, this is an emerging field, and sometimes the way we think genes are impacting us may be revised based upon new research and information.